This device is available only on our 2 year agreement. $99 today. $10 for the sim card. $30/ month for unlimited Talk and Text.

Exalt LTE unfolds to reveal a spacious, colorful 3.0-inch screen. The big screen makes it easier to read text, browse, or view pictures.

Kyocera Cadence.png

Kyocera Verizon 4G flip


This device works only with Verizon Prepaid. Not with Verizon business or family accounts. Nor is it compatible with Verizon off-brands.

The Kyocera Cadence is a responsive flip phone, which makes texting easier by offering a selection of up to 9 words to scroll between while typing the words. The screen on the outside allows the user to get a glimpse about the call or text without needing to flip the phone open.

The price includes a $30 TAG block, preinstalled!

J3 orbit.jpeg
Blue S9 1.jpg

Kosher Smartphone-J3 Orbit 


Options include compatible with Verizon OR Verizon off-brands.

Phone has the browser disabled, and has email, Waze, and typical apps which are included in kosher smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 - New

$449.00 - SALE!

USA Carriers unlocked

Samsung Galaxy S10e - New


USA Carriers unlocked

Blue S10 4.jpg

Samsung Galaxy S10 - New


USA Carriers unlocked

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